America’s Work Force Radio Podcast

Worker Safety - When Will it be Safe Enough to Return to Work?

May 13, 2020

The first guest on America's Work Force Radio Podcast was Madelyn Hoffman, Green Party U.S. Senate Candidate of New Jersey and she spoke about workplaces meeting safety standards so their workers can feel safe while on the job. Hoffman also talked about how workers should receive hazard pay, unlimited sick days, and be supplied with personal protective equipment by their employers.

Tom Germuska, Jr., editor of the Labor Citizen was the second featured guest on the show today. Germuska previewed three stories that are going to be featured in the next edition of the publication. The stories detailed the Belmont County Cracker Plant project delay, unemployment funds being depleted, and Sheet Metal Workers in Ohio volunteering to make the metal nose pieces used in creating protective masks.

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